I originally only posted this on my flickr account as it was just test footage. I had no idea it would take off like it did: flickr.com/photos/cshimala/5275838854/

Music: Diamond Messages - Liquid Summer

I was actually out shooting some footage of one of my favorite streets in Chicago, Lake St. This particular street runs beneath one of our public transit trains for quite some distance. It can be seen near the end of this video around the 1:15 mark. When I reached the end of Lake St I had to loop back around to it since the last few blocks of it are one way traffic only. In doing this loop back I had to drive a stretch of Upper Wacker Drive which follows along the South side of the Chicago River. Once I got home and started looking at the Lake St footage I came across a shot that seemed like it could look really cool with the mirror effect applied, and it did. As I result I left the filter on and was skimming through the rest of the footage and came across the Wacker Drive clip. I instantly felt like I was dropped into some crazy Sci-Fi planet with floating buses passing me by. Kinda like a mashup up the Jetsons, the flying car scene in Back To The Future 2 and whole bunch of sci-fi movies. I knew it would be some time before I could get the full Lake St video up so I thought it would be cool to post up this quick clip just to show how a simple filter can change everything. I didn't even give it a cool title as I was only expecting a few friends to check it out. I was wrong.

I used the Suction Cup Mount on the inside of my car's windshield. When I was filming, it was snowing and the temperature was in the low teens (F) and there were 40-50mph wind gusts. Pretty brutal, but it aided in the eeriness of the city scene.

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