Watch my new video! Lost in the Alps... Please watch and share! :D

Here is William Trubridge attempting to break the world record of freediving the deepest in history...diving straight down with no fins, no oxygen, no assistance, in an effort to make awareness that we need to protect our wildlife, and specifically our dolphins. The director's cut of the event is finished and just going through a few festivals right now. This is more of a prelude...

UPDATE: The director's cut (the real version) will be online in June. :)

Directed by Matthew Brown

Charlie Beede - safety freediver
Brian Pucella - safety freediver
Alfredo Romo - safety freediver
Jason Sapps - deep camera
Brian Kakuk - deep camera
Paul Heinerth - deep camera
Nic Rowan - surface camera
Matthew Brown - surface camera/editor
Igor Liberti - photographer
Paolo Valenti - photographer
Thomas Ardavany - medic
Brittany Trubridge - coach
Ute Geßmann
Ben Weiss

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