this november, i traveled with ray and joyce to hong kong to shoot janice and raymond's wedding. if that isn't enough RJ's for you, we went to raymond's tailor in hong kong, another ray, and had some suits made. we also met janice's parents at the wedding, who believe it or not, are named ray and joyce.

being that we were in hong kong, the majority of the wedding was in cantonese. add to that the pressure to do an SDE and you have one exciting day. raymond and janice (the couple...not to be confused with the SM team, or the tailor, or janice's parents) have been planning this wedding for a long time, so much so that they had a translator available for me all day so i could see what portions of speeches and/pr the ceremony to include as VOs. it was an interesting process to say the least.

when we arrived in HK, we had arranged to meet with raymond and janice over dinner to get to know them better. it was at this point they mentioned they had a dance rehearsal right before, and that is where the seeds for this edit started.

at that dinner we also learned of how they came together, and all of the places across the world they both loved, met, dated, and became engaged. i found it so fascinating i asked them to stop by out hotel room the night before their wedding and we did an impromptu interview telling that story. my last question was 'give me one word to describe raymond/janice?'. for janice, it was her 'fish', and for raymond it was his 'bo-poop'. there are some very interesting stories behind where those both came from, especially bo-poop, but i just felt so lucky as a storyteller to have these interviews pre-cut and then raymond just happens to get her something as a present that tied in so nicely.

thanks to the future of forestry for giving us permission to use their song ’speak to me gently’. you can check out more of their work here.


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