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Music video for the Berlin-based band "Rats live on no evil star". This music video has been made entirely of images from old comics found on the internet and animated in AE, especially with the puppet tool.

Directed by : Corentin Kopp

Animation by : Boris Wilmots & Corentin Kopp

" Rats Live On No Evil Star, originally a palindrome, is now a combined project by Bernd Jestram and J. Edward Donald. These recordings from the summer of 2009 are poised between autistic sketches of a foreign and personal planet and an attempt at opening up the retro jail cell of music and pseudo earnestness of post-modern music. After hardcore came Joy Division and then the acoustic guitar. Playing with occultism in the guise of post-industrial while at heart remaining romantic, some songs speak of urban fatalism and thwarted passageways from a sovereign voice deeper than Ian Curtis, more confused than Daniel Johnston. "

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