[This an installment of our new art series called VisualVerse. Mustafa and are collaborating on short 24hr mash-ups of his filming and my poetry. sometimes i will write and record something and he shoots to it. other times, he'll shoot and ill write to it. all done in 24hrs.]

AMIR: this piece, Black Swan, like the film, is about the violence of the creative process. throughout my poetry career ive written several times about what the creative process is for me. trying to get to the essence of what it feels like. what it tastes like.

true expression is often akin to ripping out an organ to put on display for people to like or dislike, applaud or criticize. also the divinity in being a creator is contradictory and dynamic. every act of creation is simultaneously an act of destruction. it is heaven and hell. [lyrics are below]

MUSTAFA: I shot this on f/1.4 - 50mm prime lens overcranked at 60fps (slow motion) using a single tungsten light. I moistened the warehouse floor to get the mirrored look in the video. The entire video is in reverse. I decided to pour ash down over the frame to trick the eye into thinking the video was playing correctly (as the ashes appeared like smoke rising when played back in reverse). This is a single continuous shot. The flames and water are real. This is the RAW out of camera footage. No effects.


she asked: what does it feel like when the poem comes out

i said: its feels like
im writing my insides out
and i gotta get it out
before my pen dries out
before my ego finds out
cant let my ego find out
because when im writing my insides out
my every flaw my every fear flies out
in my ego is where my fears and flaws hide out
so whatever i do
cant let my ego find out
and if i couldnt write my insides out
i dont know id prolly blow my bloody mind out
instead i write and recite and bloom your 3rd eye out

she said: oh thats what that danger, dead man walkin's all about

i said: yeah

she said: well im glad you took the divine route

yeah i took the divine route
but its only a matter of time before the world finds out
this is both heaven and hell coming out of my mouth
this is both heaven and hell coming out of my mouth
this is both heaven and hell coming out of my mouth

im alive right
im dead wrong

im right here
im long gone

im the dark night
im the bright dawn

im the white and the black swan
im the white and the black swan
im the white and the black swan

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