John Underkoffler
Founder and Chief Scientist, Oblong Industries

John Underkoffler
Chief Scientist, Oblong Industries

Mark Mangini
Hollywood sound engineer who earned an Academy Award nomination in the Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing category as sound supervisor on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

hernan Diaz Alonso
Architect, Xefirotarch, Los Angeles, CA. Also teaches at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (sci_arc) and the GSAPP at Columbia University.

Pamela Z
Composer/Performer. recipient of numerous awards including a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Creative Capital Fund, the CalArts Alpert Award in the Arts, the ASCAP Music Award, and the NEA and Japan/ US Friendship Commission Fellowship.of Architecture (sci_arc) and the GSAPP at Columbia University.

Rychard Cooper
Rychard Cooper has worked as a recording engineer, producer, sound designer, and has contributed to the design and construction of many recording studios in the Los Angeles area.

5D and the University Art Museum at California State University, Long Beach present The Architecture of sound, a panel discussion on the future of sound and emergent technology in design.

The event will engage the potential of spatialized soundscapes within architecture, and investigate the role of sound in building new kinds of environments in all narrative media from film to interactive games to real-world experiential architecture—redefining what physical space can be and the new immersive creative process that is involved in such endeavors.

This event is in conjunction with the exhibition, BRIAN ENO: 77 Million Paintings currently on view at the University Art Museum, CSULB.

for more info on the 5D Conference find us on the web at

for more info on the University Art Museum find us on the web at

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