I can't even tell you how much fun it was to shoot this spot. It involved a super early morning road trip out to the California badlands during the wildflower poppy blooms in order to catch the sunrise, which we did! And it was cold. And windy. But we shivered in the cold together and loved the environment that surrounded us. Seriously one of my favorite production days with good friends. And it was interesting to explore themes of hope, love, and nature, especially since I'm often drawn to darker themes. But this spot gives me a good feeling and makes me think of the awesome people who made it happen.

produced by Anthony Ferranti, Insung Hwang, Nick Militello, & Arlene Bogna
directed by Arlene Bogna
shot by Nick Militello
cut by Michael Thibault
voiced by Lori Furth

Starring Karyn Nesbit and Steven Howell.

WINNER of a 2010 Davey Award

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