Do not show this video to the youngsters from jDAV! It propagates bad behavior!

Well this is the small shit filmed and dumb edited video from our Frankenjura climbing trip this year :) (Max, Fredy, Mario and me). However this is just small part of what it was and more to remember these awesome days!

Climb now, work later 9-
Massaker 9+
Ohne Namen 9-
Kauabonga 8
Krampfhammer 9
Jumanji 9-
Esotheric & Porno 9+
King Lui 9
Käpt`n Iglu 9
(almost all flash or second go of course)

1. Mafia K1 Fry - Pour Ceux
2. Mafia K1 Fry - M.I.S.T.A.
3. Psycho Realm - Sick Dogs
4. Sick Jacken ft. Los Razos - La Loquera
5. El Matador - Mets Toi Bien
6. Lupe Fiasco ft. Jill Scott - Daydreamin (instrumental)
(More french rap, as we listened in the cars!)

* for better quality visit youtube.com/watch?v=gKkV5IlAbn0&hd=1
** One of the flashes had couple of precliped draws becaus the crag was fully wet and some footholds were still broking on that rare repeated shit :)
*** The "A Muerte!" scream was because I was inspired by some spaniards the day before! Their style was A Muerte! Like if you are so pumped that you cannot clip, just climb further - everything will be alright!
**** Dunno who are the Italians in Massaker :D

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