There might be an infinite number of ways to make a zine. This video shows how to make one handy and common type: a half-size, staple-bound booklet.

The song on this video is from the wonderful album "Vs. Wilderness" by Finn Riggins.

Zines featured in this video:
"You Don't Get There From Here #14" by Carrie McNinch
"Chick Pea #4" by Mary Mack (split zine with Risk Oblivious Youth)
"Hatch! Mister Sister" by MKD and Asher
"Refugee" by Suze B.
"Another Chance: a Zine About Bioremediation" by many contributors, compiled by Ally Reeves
"Just So You Know #1" by Joey Alison Sayers
"Funwater Awesome #4" by Zach Mandeville
"Harlot, RN" by Megan Honor
"Green Zine #14" by Cristy Road
"Nest" by the RiverSpeak Collective
"Morgenmuffel #17" by Isy Morgenmuffel
"I Have a Song For You" by Bucket Siler

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