Two mannequins recite the current social messaging happening in the casual encounters forums on We are interested in the digression of material affection predicated on the fluctuations of interpersonal communication via mediated virtual spaces; specifically those with an immediate
locality. Virtual space exists as a medium of immediate connectivity, subsequently
rendering corporeal geography virtually
irrelevant. Formerly engaged as separate spaces, the physical and virtual realms have
previously been viewed as enacting their own respective lexicons. High technology allows
for the voyeuristic mode of seeing through
the real time video feed.

In neoteric culture, virtual and physical spaces are intrinsically linked, affecting one another, resembling yet denying certain aspects of the other. Adopting the utilities of advertising, individuals have enacted these
practices in order to represent themselves online, relying primarily on text and image. The notion of online social community has transmuted intimate relationships by supplementing sentimentality through ubiquity. actualizes a particular locality with virtual social congregation. In doing so the acculturation of online interaction protocols has been amalgamated with those of the physical adopting a form of corporeal binary presence.

Created by Steve Belovarich and Christopher Prior in 2009

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