The following video is the prototype for a modern prayer wheel intended to be played ambiently and endlessly on a stationary screen in the corner of a room or temple, or as morning or evening ritual on a computer. It should to be a fire always somewhere somehow burning, giving blessing to all who view it, and communicating most viscerally an invitation to productive spiritual discourse regardless of belief.

121 is the number of communication. On each side sits a single individual and in the middle a meaning is projected in between them. The meaning is greater than the individual. In the most literal english terms one may refer to it as “one-two-one” or “one to one”.

11 is a master number representing illumination and deep insight. It is a psychic number and Thelemic for “magick” The magical and spiritual significance of sound is highly documented throughout all spiritual doctrines as the material that connects us all. This piece is a direct transmission from one person to another, namely the viewer. Vocalisations are recorded over eleven tracks to make one chord and then mixed with itself eleven times to make a new chord of 121 voices (11 x 11 = 121).

The background represents the communicator obscured to be less important than the message itself. The 121 chord comes from him. 3 Japanese Maneki Neko cats float in space. The number 3 represents socially active expression. They optimistically beckon for luck, in this case that the message is received, understood, and that there will be a positive discourse thereof. Code moves through the screen turning the wheel of Dharma with Tibetan Buddhist mantras.


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