If you didn´t see "[org{an]imal}.izm - The Movie" already,
you should watch it here-> vimeo.com/17028479

And if you watched it and were wondering, what I filmed
there-> here is the "demystifying making of" ;)

While having a break, drinking a coffee and getting
mad of working, my colleague Silvio took a glass of
water and just threw a few of "them" into the glass,
just to see, what happens.

After a few days, "they" got bigger and bigger and
morphed into strange shapes.
Ritschi - another colleague - took his digital camera
and made a photo of "them".

A little bit color grading here and playing around with some
effects there and we had some really nice looking images,
which reminded me on some cool intro titles of the big blockbusters.

This inspired me, to spend some weekends to make this
organic, animalistic looking movie (that´s where the
name is based on - organic animalizm)
(Don´t worry, we didn´t throw animals in the water...but...kind of;)

Before shooting the footage, I had to wait several days,
to let "them" change their consistence and shape.

The "making of" isn´t that super cool graded and cinematic looking feature-movie,
but it shows, how simple you can turn your ideas into "something moving"
and nice looking.

I hope you guys like it, wish you all a happy new year
and ask you for leaving the one or other comment and a "like"...if you like it :)

The score is from one of my favourites: 28 Day Later

Equipment used:

.Canon EOS 7D,
.Kodak Zi6
.Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38,
.B+W MRC Polarizer, slim,
.Sigma 17-50mm, F2,8 EX DC OS HSM,
.Kenko Polarizer Digital Pro,
.Sigma AF 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG macro,
.Kenko Polarizer Digital Pro,
.Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 USM L IS,
.B+W MRC Polarizer, slim,
.Set of Macro Rings,
.Steadycam "Merlin",
.Manfrotto MA 055 CXPRO3 tripod,
.Manfrotto 701 HDV videohead,
.Manfrotto 808 RC4 3way-head,
.JJC-TM-A remote switch/timer,
.Zoom H2 Audiorecorder,

Shot at ISO 100, 1/50, f2.8-5, 23.976 fps, superflat picture style,
edited in Canopus Edius, graded in After Effects

© 2010 The IE·DNlab Project

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