2010-08-09 1st Journal, Mayan day 10 Eagle

♥ TRANSCRIPT: scribd.com/doc/46089742

I have sung the song, often, about change oncoming so fast, that I must check in with the self each morning to say, “What has changed? What is no longer as it was, before?” In numerous earlier journals I report this internal processing to you.

This early morning another possible question comes to me, perhaps more powerful, even, than the ones before. This question is “What do I know? What do I know, now, that I didn’t know, that I wasn’t aware that I knew, before?” We know everything, you see - it is merely a question of the sequential release of this, just as a flower grows in a very sane and sensible order, one stage, one thing at a time. So it is with us.


Are you ready for the swiftness of this change? Can you open your metaphorical arms to it, to greet it this way, being cooperative? Have you cast away fear, yet? If not yet, then why not? Why do you hold on to it?

Do you think you have power to control the Universe? How silly is this thought. Why not let the Universe control itself, and merely cooperate with that? This one is much better - much more conducive to both Peace and a nice ride.

What do I know, now, that I have released to my self in the night? What is it the proper time for me to come into awareness of? How open am I for the answer that would appear? Do I place conditions on that? Do I still seek to control? If so, can I watch that, observe and get to the bottom, to the source of it, and release that knot, that congestion of flow?
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