A Happy New Year and Year in Review Card I made for my father to send to his to clients, friends, family, and beyond.

Created, Edited and Produced by Julie Frye Sanders
Original Concept and Direction by Austin A Frye

MAJOR DISCLAIMER: my father, a finance industry businessman, asked me to help him out and make a fun, enjoyable holiday video card he could send to his clients.
Of course I went totally overboard and made it way more awesome that it needed to be, but sadly, I had to restrict myself based on the following instructions: 1. happy news only 2. appeal to white affluent males mostly republican 3. focus on financial things improving and 4. no Obama - nothing.

mmmkay, so given that i'm pretty much the opposite of the target here, and that i'd portray this year as a stinking pile of cat vomit, i had to really step outside myself to do this.. and for that, i am most proud. sellout? maybe, but that's the challenge i took on tis time.

and if you let yourself pretend that the world really is good, i think you might just enjoy this video. I think it kicks google's 2010 year in review video's ass... ;)

and now the important stuff:
Joshua Radin: "we are only getting better"

Interview with Mark Zuckerberg: 60 minutes
Mark Zuckerberg Speaking: Facebook.com
"Rent is too damn high" coverage: MSNBC
The Social Network Trailer: Official Trailer
Miracle at the Mine: ABC News 2020
Miami Heat Celebration for the Big Three: miamiheat.com
2010-2011 Player Introduction: miamiheat.com
Historical GM & GM Inspired Scenes: Comeback: American Auto Industry Rebirth from "comeback053"
New York City HD Time Lapse (multiple scenes): NYC Zeitraffer, c2006 Moos&Kurrat Zeitraffer GbR
GM Worker Interviews in Flint, Michigan: CNN
Land Animal Scenes: Earth Movie - Official Trailer
Ocean Animal Scenes: BBC Ocean, HD Footage
NYSE Trading Floor 1: FLOORE official Trailer
NYSE Trading Floor 2: Wall Street Warriors Season 3 Opening
NYSE Trading Floor 13The Pit, 2010 Documentary Trailer
Financial NYC Scenes: Wall Street Warriors Season 3 Opening
CBS News Financial Stories: moneywatch.com
Globe Animation: iMovie
GM Banner NYSE Time Lapse:
Vuvuzela Symphony
Vuvuzela - South Africa's 12th Man
Numbers, FVB0036 - freevideobacks.com
FieldSkySTock2 - ebstock deviant art
Animated 2010: Unicef 2010 Video
Misc Scenes: Julie Frye Sanders

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CNN online
WSJ online
TIME online
Julie Frye Sanders

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