I made this short film in 2004 about life at Greenbank Lane allotments in Liverpool. The great British allotment, an essential part of urban Britain - seen by some as ramshackle patches of weeds and rotting sheds full of old blokes. And yes, partly, they are. But not entirely, things are at last changing down on the plots, and in this film you'll meet people, women for the most part, who are bringing Britain’s allotments into the 2st century.

Allotments were basically compensation to the working classes for the gradual enclosures of common land that took place in the 18th and 19th centuries. Their size of 10 poles, that’s about 300 square yards, was reckoned to be just enough to feed a family of four. At their height there were a million and a half allotments in Britain, and during the blockades of the second world war British allotment holders would literally ‘dig for victory'.

And now, allotments in south Liverpool are extremely popular and home to wide variety of plot holders and used for more than just growing veg!

There's a making of for this film here: vimeo.com/18344678

And you can come right up to date with Plot 44 on my blog, being updated in 2012 with regular garden posts: beingsarahblog.wordpress.com/

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