Sweat is a performance in which the sweat of 5 dancers was caught.
They wear specially designed costumes that were made out of plastic and connected by tubes.
Before the action, the artist made a separate dish for each dancer.
The intention is to catch the sweat from the dancers and to distill it. The concrete of the sweat is sprayed on a wall of the dance lab and protected by a glass box. In the glass is a small hole where visitors can smell the sweat.

The performance is shown by video next to the glass box.

The performance was shown at Troubleyn for a selective audience. Troubleyn is a theatre company with extensive international operations. Its home base is Antwerp - Belgium. The artist Jan Fabre has been its artistic head since it was established in 1986. What makes Troubleyn/Laboratorium particularly inspiring is the fact that a number of internationally renowned visual artists installed permanent works of art.

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