Snow, I love you
Location: Yosemite, CA
Date: Christmas 2010
Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 28-135 USM (Kit Lens)
Frame Rate: 24p
Software: Final Cut Pro, Color
Audio: Clair de Lune

All these years and numerous trips to all parts of the world and I had never seen the beautiful backyard of California in its white glory. Each branch swaying in the wind from the weight of cold powdery snow, glazing the ground just below it. When the sun shone through the trees' needles, my heart lit up as I looked over to my side and saw Priscilla standing there at my side. Spending Christmas in 2010 with my beautiful girlfriend is the best thing that could have happened, I only hope to be able to capture some of that beauty and show it here. I hope you enjoy :)

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