University of Chicago Booth School of Business Entrepreneurial Roundtable presents "Entrepreneur's Guide to Leveraging Stakeholders" with Hamid (Hank) Noorani, Book Author, on December 13, 2010 at Northern Illinois University Naperville campus. Video by Stone Cliff Productions, Inc.

Want to find a way to increase profitability or grow your business - even in a sluggish economy? One of the leading innovators in "Systems-Thinking" believes that we can all learn to be more productive and more successful by using Systems-Thinking to develop and manage relationships.

For Hamid (Hank) Noorani, the entire world is a series of inter-related systems that can be harnessed by individuals to achieve their goals. This is particularly true, he notes, with regard to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial businesses.

In his talk he will introduce you to proven techniques, based on the latest advances in Systems-Thinking, to build enduring productive relationships with all of your (or your company's) stakeholders. These techniques can guide you in crafting transactions for win-win results. By building productive, long-term relationships, you can increase your own productivity and profitability and that of your company. He will discuss:

1. Organizations - systems that convert resources into products.
2. The Four Goals of Management - for sustainable productivity.
3. Leverage the organization's stakeholders.
4. The Universal Rules for Productive Relationships.

Hank has written two books on Systems-Thinking: "POWER - The Modern Doctrine" and "Rational Decision-Making". Both of the books lay out a rational foundation for making decisions at all levels: individual, organizational and public policy.

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