Ari and I were the best men in Doug's wedding... So we decided to plan the most epic memorable bachelor party of all time... I grew up watching CKY and jackass and I'm from a small town in Eastern Oregon, so I was forced to do "creative" stuff for fun. So you could say that "The Hunt" was very much inspired by some of those things. It was inspired by things I had seen and thought would be funny to capture, and also a collaboration of a lot of people's ideas. I'll be putting up the entire list on here sometime soon. It's quite hilarious! If you ever wanted to do a scavenger hunt for fun... This was a blast! Be prepared to test your limits!

The Rules were simple. 1 Person from each team must complete a task in front of the camera. Each item had a point value. At the end of the night (3 hours) we counted the points up. Doug's team didnt read the directions, that said ONLY 1 person can do each item. HAHA which is funny because they all chewed on a piece of gum off the gum wall.

The standings were as follows

My team. Shane, TJ and ME, Tanner. 830 points
Doug's Team, Doug, Brad, and Joe. 780 points
Ari's Team, Ari, Andrew, Ben. 650 points

Animal by Miike Snow
Genesis by Justice
Banquet by Bloc Party
Man and Wife The Former Days by The Desaparecidos
Man and Wife The Latter Days by The Desaparecidos
Dont Cry Out by Shiny Toy Guns
Cause a Scene by Ghostland Observatory
Space Kitten by Polish Ambassador

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