Made for Bloom's "Win a HP Laptop" | Canon t2i
Song: Time by Hans Zimmer
from Inception Soundtrack

"whats up. My name’s Jordan Fountain. I’m 17 years old from Omaha, Nebraska and I have a passion for filmmaking. I love filmmaking because it gives me a feeling unlike anything else. It’s the same feeling you get when you get done watching a great film and the credits start to roll... you get that gut feeling... of just, wow... that was something... ya’know. I get that same feeling every time I make a short film that I’m proud of. I hope someday I can make others feel the same way too because I think that would be really cool. And, really, even if couldn’t. With filmmaking, I don’t think I could stop, even if I wanted to. I think I would get great use out of this laptop, because next year I am planning on going to film school here in Nebraska. I have a iMac right now and its really great and I love it, but its kinda big and it would be a pain to bring to the college. I think this laptop would be perfect for that. The perfect editing tool to practice filmmaking over and over and over again. I think this laptop would really help me with my dream of becoming a real filmmaker someday."

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