Paul Freedman, member of the Pleasant Revolution and founder of the Bicycle Music Festival, portraited by Jonathan Grevsen. The music played in the last part is by The Genie, who also played during the Bicycle Music Festival.

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About the Pleasant Revolution: "More than a bike tour or music festival, this is a new movement for an evolving culture of transportation cycling, renewable power, and greener music/community events. The bicycle music festival (BMF) merges a 1200 Watt pedal-powered P/A system, zero use of cars and trucks, and an eclectic crew of world class musicians and volunteers. The entire experience is all human powered by setting up our bikes on stage, connecting them to generators, and having audience members pedal to power the system."

About the video: I meet the people from the Pleasant Revolution in Barcelona, Spain when they were preparing for the Bicycle Music Festival. I was astounded by the fact that they drive around Europe on their bikes carrying everything they need to go live concerts. If any, they have found a way to live in balance with them self and our world. They spread joy everywhere they go and reminds us, that it is posible to change our life, and as Kipchoge says: it can be fun and rewarding doing it.

The movies consist of tree portraits, please see all of them, here on vimeo or on

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