Short Film made as coursework for University.

The Constant is a mixture of human emotion, memory and environment and how each as affected me on a personal level. It is about the home I grew up in and the landscape that surrounds it, making it an idyllic and beautiful, yet, isolated and enclosed environment to grow up in; one that I both love and hate for those reasons. It's about wanting to leave, but wanting to stay and how it will always be a part of me.
As this was an individual project, I made and scored the film entirely myself.

Huge thanks to Matt Finney for providing me with the wonderful lyrics.
Huge thanks also to my brother James for standing/walking around in the cold for me.

Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by Freddie Lloyd

Music - Part III: The Constant by Ursine Vulpine and Matt Finney

BKSTS Showcase - Official Selection
BBC Music Video Festival - National Selection

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