Notion Ink is a firm dedicated to pushing computing devices towards singularity; Adam is just the beginning of that dream set in motion. We're out to challenge the norm, question existing ideologies of function and form, to change the curve of our conversation with technology, be it by redefining the species or creating a new breed of intelligent, intuitive devices to reckon with.

Notion Ink is young at heart, and proud to wear it on its sleeve. Youth gives us that extra edge in bringing a whole new realm of concepts to reality. It shows in the sustained, creative energy of our team, in our belief systems, in our day-to-day operations and in all our interactions. Combined with precision and confidence, Notion Ink is not afraid to think big, execute our vision and change perception.

Notion Ink is all about realising dreams.

Credits: Alodiya Gagan, Gagandeep Kochar, Andre Rodrigues

Disclaimer: This video for all intentional purposes is a promotional showcase presentation of the panel system of the Eden UI and to illustrate the capabilities of the Notion Ink Adam. The panel folding and unfolding is only for the video and is not present in the actual Eden UI.

© Notion Ink Design Labs, All rights reserved.

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