Many centuries ago a massive meteor crashes to earth in the Uweinat Desert. Two survivors of this cataclysm; a Bedouin sister and brother discover a lump of strange meteoritic rock which proves to hold power beyond imaginings. When passed between the siblings hands it creates the ability to travel through time.

Early in their travels the couple forge the substance into the shape of the universal key for safe keeping in plain sight. Since that day eternal whichever of the two holds the Key has the ability to bend time. Their lives are now lived in a tumultuous endless adventure. When they time jump and first arrive in each new time continuum they must quickly establish exactly where they are in human history and assimilate.

This travel ultimately draws them into historic events, including famines, war and times of disease - and in doing so they inadvertently affect the chain of events in human history.

At different time zones they separate due to one finding a new love, in anger or through accidents. However, when either of the two ancient ones are removed from the Key’s sphere they begin to age and weaken. They ultimately must again find the other holding the Key in order to re-energize and transport to another time and place to commence a new cycle of life.

The siblings are being pursued across time by the blacksmith who cast the original Key for them. In that moment he secretly retained a portion of the meteor rock and is thus inadvertently transported whenever the brother and sister travel. In an effort to wrestle control of his destiny at each new time zone and with murderous intent he tries to find the siblings to steal the key.

For sport and the Bedouins’ own amusement they often take unwitting travelers with them, dumping these 'witnesses', stranded in a foreign land, in a different time zone - mere mortals in these time travelers’ game play, creating their own level of havoc and ramifications to humankind’s destiny.

This project will ultimately be realized as a feature film and an MMO video game.

Producer/Director: Karen Borger
Original Treatment: Karen Borger
Screenplay: Karen Borger
Video Game Consultant:
(Michael O’Brien is an Australian sci-fi and role-playing game writer who previously worked on the writing of Glorantha with creator Greg Stafford RuneQuest, PenDragon Pass, my own Maximum Game Fun-style rules, and Issaries Inc's Hero Wars).

In development - Shooting 2013

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