The first presentation by two of the directors of the Ecological Land Cooperative. The coop is currently seeking investors.

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Land is about more than just the production of food, fibre and fuel, or a site for construction; the way in which we use our land has profound impacts on us and on ecosystems, locally, nationally and globally. And although seldom acknowledged, the way in which we use our land also shapes our minds and hearts.

The Ecological Land Co-operative will make land available for sustainable use. Where smallholdings are priced out of reach of a modest income, we will offer affordable leases and keep the land forever accessible. As people return to the country we will address loss of skills by sharing knowledge and providing training. Where the local supply chains to deliver the products of sustainable agriculture have disappeared, we will work with producers to rebuild them. And we will actively support educational and eco-tourism projects that involve people living in cities to address the ever widening disconnection between rural and urban areas, and the impacts of mass long distance tourism.

The Ecological Land Co-operative has a vision of greater ecological literacy and connection with nature. With that comes a wider concern for social change: we see sustainability as inextricably connected with issues of social justice, democracy and peaceful resolution of conflict. This is reflected in our policy and practice. In particular, our ecological criteria are more wide ranging than a limited definition of ‘ecology’ might suggest.

Shot on Canon HV20, editing and CC in FCP 6.0. Music is Pete Seeger - Little Boxes.

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