"God Father of Hong Kong Cycling History"
Mr. Au Yeung Leung
Owner of the WING's Co. in Mongkok, Hong Kong.

Walking along one of the busiest areas in Mongkok - Hong Kong, you would never guess that nested in an upstairs store on Fa Yuen Street market, is a bicycle store named WING's Co. owned by Mr Au Yueng Leung, an eccentric old school cyclist from back in the 60's, and one of the very first dealer to bring Italian bicycles brands and parts like Colnago and Campagnolo to Asia.

"Au Yeung" as friends would call him, is now in his 70's and a genuine true blooded cyclist who grew up in Hong Kong in the 50's, when he discovered cycling, he found it difficult to buy a bicycle to suit himself to compete in races at the time; which was dominated by expats working in Hong Kong, "a lot of those white guys would have fancy bikes which they brought with them when they moved here, but we could never find such bikes in Hong Kong and I was riding a very heavy steel bike from China, so I started contacting bicycle brands in Italy and ordered my own bike to race.. that is how I started the Wing's Co and the rest is history!"

Pulling out pictures and catalogues from the old days you could sense a kind of proudness and cannot help but respect Au Yueng for his love for cycling, competing in numerous races in the 60's to 70's and winning a few at his time, he quickly became one of the most respected rider in Hong Kong, and is now considered the "God Father of Hong Kong Cycling history".

Special Thanks to
Mr. Au Yeung Leung

Release Date : 10 January 2011

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