This is about the 4th section we have cut from the entire 26 minute show. We were recently included as an Official Selection of the prestigious "Conservation and Wildlife Film Festival". This is the 5th award or other recognition of this film.

Don and I responded to Bob Ridgely and Andrew Farnsworth's thinking that we could actually film the Jocotoco, because at that time, it had begun feed from a compost heap.

I hired Don to be the cameraman to film the stuff I had to go through to create the story. American Public Television wants this as the first show of a series, so that is now our task. Raise the funds to film 13 shows to put this on the air.

Cortina Productions brought a new level of expertise to the process. And they loved my final editor, Daniel Breton, bringing him in for some wonderful work to polish this film. Now we have won several awards and received other honors.

"Adventures With Birdman" is one wildlife cameraman's personal quest to find, film, and share some of the world's rarest, elusive, and most critically endangered birds. A dedicated film maker, conservationist, and birder, Birdman, AKA Tim Barksdale's mission is to bring awareness for the need to protect and provide habitat for, not only these endangered birds, but all the world's wildlife before we lose them forever. "Search for the Jocotoco Antpitta" is about the search for a small critically endangered and elusive bird that lives in the high rain forests of Southern Ecuador.

Please consider making a Donation to "Jocotoco Foundation"- a leader in conservation in Ecuador.

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