Type the letter n. Press it real hard. Oh yeah, that´s good.

written & directed by: Eva Becker |
nPad invented and constructed by: Simon Schäfer | schaefersimon.de
Music by: Kevin Mc Leod | incompetech.com

Some of you might groan now: "Oh com´ aaaaaaan... not another half-assed iPad parody that isn´t even funnay! Please juuuuust....well just DON´T steal my precious time! Ok?!"

To those grouches I must say:

Well, ehm let me explain. First: This one is funny! Second: It´s technically decent and well-edited and it´s, it´s just... not THAT bad, ok!?...
Ehm.... and I mean, If you -- if you think you can do it better, right?! Then just a go ahead.
And third: This is way more kind of an hommage to the magnificent letter "n", than just a....a trivial parody of technology or modern digital living or whatever!"

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