This project was focused on rich media advertising. It is an interactive experience of the Pimm's cocktail - Pimm's Classic, which allows the user to experience summer through a summer sound-scape by interacting with the cocktail's ingredients. Each piece of ingredient has its own summer SFX from buzzing bees to splashing into a pool.

Regarding visual effects, the transparent video of the Pimm's Bottle was achieved by Green Screen Shooting, the faux Pimm's liquid was achieved using Adobe After Effects and the bubbles were added using Adobe Flash.

Our aim was to enhance the feeling of the product Pimm's No.1 Pimm's Classic as a summer drink by highlighting it as refreshing whilst triggering the essence of summer.

We created an interactive web ad which engulfs the entire page with the Pimm's experience, allowing the user to explore its summer sound-scape, visit the Pimm's website, and print off a coupon.

Our call to action is "rollover to experience...the taste of summer" and the demographic for this piece is a wide Adult audience between the ages of 18-45.

This Pimm's web advert would ideally be disrupted to various websites including those associated festivals, British holidays, cooking/BBQ and anything depicting summer for example from Wimbledon Tennis to V Festival gripping the summer loving market.

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Final Cut Pro, Adobe Flash - Actionscript 3.0, Adobe Soundbooth.

This was a prototype and was not used for commercial means or gain. I am disclaiming credit for the images used in this prototype.

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