Jason Kessler did a spectacular job editing my footage. We have great team in place to create this film entering the last year of production. I am so proud to have embarked on this project over 3 years ago.

Tallgrass Prairie is the most endangered habitat in the United States. This is the habitat required by many birds but notably the Greater Prairie Chicken, the sole remaining keystone species. Today there are about 390,000 GPCH left in the US. The biggest problem is habitat destruction and lack of native grasslands. Prairie restoration will work however.

For these birds-3 states stand out as critical ones to restore prairie: Iowa, Illinois and Missouri. These 3 states once formed the core of the species population and at the peak over 26 million birds found safety and raised young each year. Now, all 3 states barely hold over 400 individuals.

This film intends to spark a wave of concern and show positive trends that we can encourage to make a difference before it is too late.

Thanks to Roger Wells in Kansas & Jeff Silverman and Kate Bunnell at Inertia Unlimited.

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