I recently installed the Magic Lantern Firmware for my Canon T2i/550D and was interested in seeing how the Zoom H1 and Audio Technica ATR-3350 would perform. I don't mind recording externally and sync’ing in post, however for run and gun stuff I wanted to test if the recording the sound to straight the camera would be permissible.

Below are the 4 test covered in the video.

1) AGC Disabled, Internal Camera Mic

2) AGC Disabled, Using Sescom cable, LN2MIC-ZMH4N 3.5 LINE-MIC/ATN-ZOOM H4N - SEL2MZH4N, connecting the Zoom H1 directly to camera. Purchased from Markertek.com. markertek.com/Cables/Audio-Cables/DSLR-Audio-Cables/Sescom/LN2MIC-ZOOMH4N.xhtml?LN2MIC-ZOOMH4N
I need to order the cable that now offers headphone monitoring!

3) Zoom H1 Mics, audio synched in post.

4) AGC Disabled, Using Audio Technica ATR-3350 wired lavalier mic, into Zoom H1, and then recorded into camera with Sescom cable.

Check out my blog for more reviews and tests, foursandyfeet.com

I hope this helps!

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