Who is Duffy Bishop and why is she not world famous?

Good question. Once you see this Northwest blues icon; experience that voice, that passion...and then see some 22- year-old dime store chanteuse on Entertainment Tonight after selling a million CDs filled with listless fluff, you will be among the many faithful Duffy fans scratching their heads.

So why isn't Duffy Bishop world-famous? As one of the many local personalities in our documentary explains...because the world sucks.

The 30-minute doc isn't so much a doc as a Duffy appreciation, a Duffy love fest. Everyone I interviewed simply gushed about the woman.

Featured in the show are Portland blues mainstays Curtis Salgado, Ellen Whyte, Terry Robb, Lloyd Jones, Gary Fountaine (Nu Shooz) and Music Millennium owner Terry Currier.

About the filmmakers...

Bryan Johnston has been producing local television for about 25 years. He used to work at KGW for about a decade. At that time he was also the station's movie reviewer (Bryan the Movie Guy).

He's always been a Duffy fan and thought she needed to get her due, but he had no gear, no crew, and times being what they are, no capital to produce the work. So he went to a local high school in Seattle (Ballard High School) and recruited two promising video production students...who had never heard a blues song in their lives. It became a mentorship program where Bryan helped them learn video production (and blues) and they acted as his crew. Over the course of the year they shot and edited the doc on borrowed equipment, in their spare time, with a budget of about $100.

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