FRACT has been chosen as the 2011 Independent Games Festival Best Student Game!

FRACT is an atmospheric adventure game set in an abstract forgotten world of analog sounds, samples and glitches.

Myst + Rez with a heavy dose of Tron.


The player is presented puzzles from a first person perspective, much akin to the classic Myst titles but with an electro twist. In order to unlock the inner workings of this strange world the player must revive forgotten machinery while keeping a keen ear and eye out for clues.

What began as a finishing project for my Post Undergrad in Game Design at Université de Montréal is now finally done (some bugs to squash, that's where YOU come in). All design, modelling, animation, sound and scripting was done 100% by me over a period of about 3-4 months.

I would love any feedback, so please don’t hesitate.

You can download FRACT here:

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