A low-quality full length movie of the Sputnik Odyssey (detailed below) from start to finish with event footage, an impressive split-screen view from all 3 recording devices that went up with Sputnik, as well as the recovery.

On 18 December 2010, 3 Geocachers: Scott (e6c), Steve (Waya) and Tanya (Woyi) set out to launch a geocache in to space, film the entire adventure, have it return to earth and retrieve the cache. Video and picture footage captured by: Kodak Zi6 camcorder, Samsung Epic 4G android phone, Motorola Backflip android phone

The mission was a complete success! The cache reached a height of 101,000 feet and landed 124 miles from the launch site! All equipment was recovered intact and functioning properly!

You can get more details and view more stunning photos/videos at: gaia.terrasunder.org

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