In his ArtTalk at Christie's on April 13, 2010, New York–based artist Fred Tomaselli gave a humorous and insightful talk about his richly textured paintings, which often feature a collage of materials culled from a variety of sources: printed materials are layered with leaves and pharmaceuticals and encased in a thick layer of clear resin for a truly dazzling effect.

Abstractions 38:52
American landscape 34:52
Birds 45:45
“California Sublime” 28:50
Catenaries 36:28
Collage 25:13
Counterculture and utopia 6:40
Drawing 12:10
Early sculpture and installation 00:10
Garden 49:11
Improvisation 39:45
Influences 15:27
“Lands’ End” series 33:05
Leaves and plants 22:00
Marijuana 20:34
New York Times collages 54:44
Painting 17:30
Performance 27:00
Photograms 14:10
Pills 17:00, 18:55
Studio practice 49:36

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