Miram Bisk - chapter leader of Dining for Women in Ithaca NY (diningforwomen.org/node/199) - discusses the "Dining for Women" quilt project.

Miriam envisioned an fabric art quilt where each panel depicts a different project supported by "Dining for Women" (diningforwomen.org), programs that aid and empower women & children to self- sufficiency, in developing countries.

With this concept in mind, Miriam approached members of her chapter who are also members of the "Quilt Divas" (thequiltdivas.com) - an association of quilt & fabric artists residing in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York

The Divas enthusiastically embraced the idea, and nine months later "gave birth" to a gorgeous nine-panel fabric art quilt, where each panel represents a different NGO organization supported by Dining for Women. Every panel has a unique artistic style that reflects that particular Diva's skills, talent, and inspiration drawn from the project's website.

The quilt raised $9,100 for Dining for Women operational costs, and Miriam hopes that the winner of the quilt will allow the quilt to continue traveling & help educate people about Dining for Women's programs. She also wants the quilt to serve as a promotional tool to other women around the country, to encourage them to apply their unique talent and skills to missions that repair this world and make a difference.

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