Here I am at the New York Times Centre on January 7, 2011, a massive bag of nerves as I ask Trent Reznor a question during his interview for the Arts & Leisure weekend.

My question, without all the mumbling and stuttering, was essentially asking if he can watch the films he's worked on subjectively like he might do with any other film, i.e. without constantly judging his own work. I then snuck in a cheeky second question, asking the same thing about his albums.

The original video was shot by the New York Times (I assume) and ripped by user TheBang from the Echoing the Sound forums, so I'm not claiming any of this as mine. I just wanted to share my question and Trent's answer.

There are some minor glitches in the audio & video towards the end which are due to the original rip, but nothing from Trent's answer is actually missed out.

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