Newstweek: a device to manipulate news read by other people on wireless hotspots (cafes, libraries, airports):

This video demonstrates the technology behind this hack.

Three points:

1/ You will notice in the video, when we plug the device into the wall it takes a while to boot before the traffic is altered.

2/ No physical access to the router or laptop/smartphone/tablet device is needed.

3/ We issue the 'arp' commands as forensic proof that the network layout was modified. The spoofing uses 'remote' mode and thus we sniff all remote connections that pass through the gateway (direction router -> client).After the second arp table check there is a new device in the arp table of the client, the Newstweek module. This is the device through which all traffic between router and client is passed. Note also that immediately after spoofing, the 'arp -a' command can't retrieve the hostname(s) as it could before, so we cancel and use 'arp -an' instead, hence the '?' symbols instead of the hostnames. This is expected behaviour immediately after cache modification.

All the witnessed alteration is done by the Newstweek module directly. The laptop is not connected to any external device or network and no additional software or scripts are run.

music credits:
artist - BinRay
track - Trench

Please note a far more detailed demonstration, intended to clear up any doubts as to the efficacy of this technique, has been posted here:

Be sure also to check out out project video for an overview of this project

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