In this talk, given on Sunday, January 9th, 2011 in the Lower Hamlet of Plum Village, Thay speaks on the nature of feeling in Buddhism.

"If you are a good practitioner you can easily handle your difficulties; the transformation is quicker. There are many kinds of feelings: painful feelings, pleasant feelings, and neutral feelings. In the process of practicing we discover that the neutral feelings are very interesting. As when we sit, there is a sensation that is neutral. When we bring mindfulness to the neutral feeling, you find that it is quite nice. You see that you already have enough conditions for happiness with a neutral feeling. If you look deeply at the neutral feeling you see that it is wonderful. When you see your feelings passing by like a river, you see that 80% of your neutral feelings are quite pleasant. With mindfulness, our neutral feeling is transformed into happiness."

Today Thay is speaking in Vietnamese. To listen only in English, listen only to your right earphone, or adjust the balance on your speakers to the right.

Hôm nay Thầy nói tiếng Việt, với bản dịch tiếng Anh trên kênh phải. Để chỉ nghe tiếng Việt, xin điều chỉnh sự cân bằng trên loa của bạn sang trái.

Aujourd'hui Thay parle en vietnamien, avec traduction en anglais. Pour écouter uniquement l'anglais, écouter uniquement à votre écouteur droite, ou de régler la balance des haut-parleurs sur votre ordinateur vers la droite.

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