To the untrained eye, traffic rules are nonexistent here in Uganda. Well, that’s not exactly true – but mostly. There are sides to the road, and they are used accordingly some of the time, but then who’s keeping track?

We were met at the Entebbe International Airport by Pastor Stephen. After quick introductions all around and we piled into the car, rolled down the windows, and headed for Jinja.

What we experience over the course of the next three hours was something akin to multiple games of chicken, all played out on a roughly two-lane road with various participating vehicles ranging from boda boda (motorcycle taxi) to large transport truck to tour bus.

But, what strikes me more than the near death experiences on the road to Jinja is the sheer volume of poverty that is daily life here. The living conditions that your average Ugandan endures would shock most people. Their kitchen is a small, open shack with a fire and a couple pots. Electricity is a rare luxury that most cannot afford and indoor plumbing is almost nonexistent.

In the eyes of a Ugandan, you are their Bill Gates. If they can just get you to see and understand their need, you could totally change their life. So many things you and I take for granted they struggle to even imagine.

So – consider the possibilities. What if you committed one meal at Taco Bell each month? Your $7.50 a month could mean the difference of getting an education for one more Kirabo kid.

-Armand Devoir

Armand is a stockbroker living in the Chattanooga area. He recently volunteered to travel with a team to Uganda to help with a Kirabo mission.

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