we tried to make a short film that would entertain but at the same time help us experiment with After effects.

many thanks to video copilot for the tutorials.

please if you have time, comment on the film,
we'd love to hear what you'd do differently and any tips you have.
what you like and what you dont like.

shot and edited over 4 days, we only spent a very short time on the script as we both wanted to get in there and shoot something.

sometimes filming was very dangerous... we still got the bite marks from them nasty swans !

used AE, FCP, easy green preset colouring, video copilot action essentials and hv20.

no tripod (i think the scenes are mostly still enough) no adapter and lens, (tho id love one if any company wants to donate one)

i hereby state that pringles did not pay me to promote their product in this movie, ..doesnt everybody have crips by their sink ??

please apple, send me an iphone 3g so i can have two cool phones in my films, not just one :-(

thanks for watching

p.s. i was joking about the killer ducks :-P


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