Free independent Australian feature film - THE LEAST DAMNEDEST THING (2010).

Budget: Approx. $500 US

Directed by: Mark Deere
Produced by: Candice Deere and Mark Deere
Written by: Candice Deere and Mark Deere

Starring: Aaron Millard, Candice Deere
With: Megan VanderValk, Bon Hlaing, James Banting

Shot by: Mark Deere
Edited by: Candice Deere

Running Time: 83 mins

Synopsis: Harvey has two things to do today: apply for a new job and go to his friend’s wedding. The only problem is, Harvey’s friends have their own plans for him and he is suddenly bombarded with requests for favours. As the day goes on, Harvey begins to learn that even the simplest things are impossible to do when you try to please everyone.

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