The original version of Warm Leatherette was made by Daniel Miller as The Normal in 1978. The song has since been covered by many people through the years in many styles. I wanted to do a version that was reflective of the original arrangement – simple, striking, and clean with my own personal touch. I would have loved to have gotten permission to release this as a single and therefore made attempts to contact Mr. Miller through Mute Records but to no avail. Either I got lost in a sea of others vying for attention or it wasn't interesting enough. I leave this as a tribute to Mr. Miller and his wonderful track and maybe someday he hears my version's sincerity. When maurus and I went into making the Winter Solstice show Warm Leatherette had a natural place within the concept and so I decided that this would be the perfect circumstance to give it a video.

Up to the age of 10 I was prone to excruciatingly painful ear infections and spent a considerable amount of time on the sofa weaving in and out of medicine-induced haziness while watching the colours of late night public-access television and music videos flashing from other side of the room. By the mid 80's we got our first VCR. This time for me had a certain smell. It was the plastic of an overused VHS video cassette degrading in quality and needing periodic tracking adjustments. I used it for everything over and over and over until it couldn't take it anymore and that's when things got really beautiful. This music video and much of the Winter Solstice show was inspired by these experiences, underground television, and music video from the early 1980's. The inspiration for Warm Leatherette can be found in such videos as Peek-A-Boo by Devo, New Age by Chrome, and Smack-Jack by Nina Hagen, and of course the original version:

Devo | Peek-A-Boo

Chrome | New Age

Nina Hagen | Smack-Jack

The Normal had no video for Warm Leatherette but here's the original track:

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