This is a song from Ten Dollar Destiny, the solo opera performed and created by Julie Queen.

Music by Pamela Z and Dwight Okamura. Words by Julie Queen and Tony Kelly. Stereoscopic film by Paul Lundahl.

This performance was in front of a live audience January 12, 2008 at Thick Description Theater on Potrero Hill in San Francisco. Ten Dollar Destiny was directed by Tony Kelly, cowritten by Julie Queen and Carol LLoyd, and featured music by Beth Custer, Brook Hinton, Pamela Z, Dwight Okamura and Will Hammond.

"Tossing and Turning" and "My Dora" the song that follows, came out of conversations with Dr. Julie Leavitt, a psychoanalyst who is also Medical Doctor at Caduceus, an outreach case management program for the homeless mentally ill.

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