Burn The Tapes is my first full length music video. It was recorded in between 2007 and 2010. The DVD version of this video has an accompanying audio CD with all new (at the time of release) music. I had a good time working on this project. Hopefully I'll get to make more videos in the future.

Produced by Ben Kenney.
Filmed by Ben Kenney, Michael Scott Kenney, Jonathan Beltran, Ashley Mendel. Performed by Ben Kenney, Ashley Mendel, Sekou Lumuba, Namit Pant, Thomas Erak, Gina Grad, Irene Lambers, Greg Knapp, David Henning.

Track Listing
1. Beard Of Bees
2. Joint Custody
3. 18th Avenue
4. Bunks
5. Not Today
6. Mario Scambelli - Featuring Thomas Erak
7. Truly
8. Together
9. Wrong
10. Worlds Collide
11. Fluorescent Yellow
12. Roses
13. Beard Of Bees Remix - Featuring Linda Ro..sorry, Gina Grad
14. Eulogy

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