Charlie Honderick, frontman of The Hamptons and The Most, goes on a journey trough a near-future world of social networking - where social tethers are real, and augmented reality (AR) status updates hover in plain site.


Charlie Honderick & Miriam Ruckert

Motion Graphics:

Nick Dunn & Nick Russo

Electrical Engineering/ EL Wire/ Technical Assistance:

Jon West


Isaac Gerber
Devin Hunt
Sean Pearson
Susan Petty
Damian Tichborne
Zillie Zibs

Executive Producers:

Dan Blake
JP Emond
Taylor Hamilton
Valerie Tichborne
Jason Theriault
Patsy West

Ultra Special Thanks:

Giles Partington

Grip, Gaffer, Best Boy, Prop Master, Friend, Gentleman, Scholar

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