No Empty Prayers. No Singing Lies. No Token Vows. No Compromise.

Ten years ago, the Desperation Conference began as young people cried out to God for an authentic move of the Holy Spirit within their generation. Out of those prayer meetings, Desperation began. Today, thousands of students have encountered God at Desperation and we anticipate the greatest days are yet to come.

Local church youth ministries across the nation continue to diligently work toward making prayer the foundational component for ministry. Prayer rooms, sacred assemblies, nights of prayer, and days of fasting continue to rise. Worshipping Jesus has surpassed Christian entertainment. It’s glorious!

This summer’s theme, “No Compromise,” echoes the growing longing within the heart’s of young people to be authentic, fully devoted followers of Jesus. Hypocrisy is not an option. This summer, may God transform weak and broken teenagers into passionate, thoughtful, and zealous young Christians.

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