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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on God's Benefit Package, Pt 3
-God's Benefit Package for everybody who serves Him in a committed fashion
03. God Delivers us from Poverty
04. God Multiplies Our Time & Our Accomplishment
05. God Increases Our Mind
06. Gives us info in our spirit (shows us things to come) (word of knowledge, word of prophecy.)
07. God warns us
08. gives guidance
09. gives us things we need
10. gives us things even that we don't "need" (just 'wants') (since the earth and the fullness thereof belongs to God and His kids.)
11. Genuine Joy, Happiness
12. We've Inherited God (He lives inside us.)
13. We're Adopted
14. Genuine Agape Love of God for Others
15. Authority over all the power of the Enemy
16. Eternal Life
17. Abundant Life
18. Indued with Power from On High
19. Mind more in union with God
20. Makes us to Prosper & Be in Good Health (3 Jn 2)
21. The Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God.)
22. etc.
23. etc.

(find out who you are in Christ. Search Bible for: in him, in Christ, who we are)

People with special abilities usually attribute it to God, and media usually omits that part!

Guest: Timothy Martin

-Tesla's Secrets were NOT All Lost!
-People Are Programmed & Conditioned
-Team of Committed Christians in Agreement (example: Gideon)
-Henry Ford's Battle - How He Won the Battle to Get Permission to Mass Produce the Automobile for the Masses
-Timothy Martin Recounts Personal Experience with some 'strange electricity' off a Van DeGraaf Generator (51:55)
-Info about ions and subatomic particles (54:20)
-Capacitors, invisibility, time dilation fields, teleportation
-Montauk, Time Travel, Wormholes for Travel
-Element Transmutation
-T Henry Moray's Metallurgy
-Recent Element Transmutation

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