This is a concept trailer for a proposed feature film called "GOLIATH"
Directed by Alex Popov
Cinematography by J.T. Trent ( )
Produced by Jim Wedaa
Represented by the Gersh agency's Abram Nalibotsky and Sean Barclay

Concept trailer for the Sci-Fi Action "Goliath" shot in 3 days in Alaska and 3 days in San Diego. Total budget: $150
An amazing soundtracks from Inception, Sunshine, KickAss and 28 days later helped me to bring my idea to life.

A signal from space ignites a worldwide race to decode it. The Russians decipher it first and learn that a warring alien race is on its way to attack earth. The message, from a second, friendly alien race intent on helping mankind, supplies the Russians with blueprints for a mechanical-human hybrid army of biodroids to defeat our mutual enemy. When the alien armada arrives, however, they wrest control of the newly built biodroid army and it is revealed that there never was a friendly alien race. We have been duped into building that army that destroys us. With the planet in shambles it is up to a group of American soldiers to free the enslaved Russian hybrid army and together defeat the alien invaders.

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