3D tests for this music video: vimeo.com/20335633

View with red/cyan 3D glasses.

This project was intended as a proof-of-concept that you don't need a massive budget or expensive cameras to shoot 3D. With a firm understanding of how 3D works and what limitations your cameras impose, you can shoot 3D with any two cameras.

Test shoot with 2 iPhones and the Almost DSLR app for manual camera controls. We wanted to see how effectively 3D video could be shot with iPhones for our music video. Cameras were mounted vertically to get the IA under 2".

From this test we learned static shots on full manual work best, and any geometric corrections on moving shots would need to be keyframed. iPhone footage gets all compressy on camera pans and wobbly on handheld. Not always noticeable in 2D, this creates all sorts of misalignment in 3D since they don't compress/wobble in sync. I'm curious to see how the new wave of mobile devices with twin lenses will handle these issues.

While most of these shots "work" in the sense that they can be viewed in 3D, we wanted the music video to have the most technically accurate and least eye-straining 3D we could get from the iPhones, so we opted to exclude most of the moving/panning shots from the final project.

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